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sex ed workshop sex ed class

"Colby lays out the facts and sorts through the shenanigans for you because after all, average Sex Ed didn't cover nearly enough and you certainly can't believe everything you read. So quit googling your most pressing sexual questions and get straight to a professional. She's friendly, knowledgeable and your conversations are all completely in confidence and judgement-free... you won't be disappointed."

sex ed workshop

TIME: Workshops are about 60 minutes in length and include time for icebreakers, instruction, Q&A and activities designed to help participants learn.

COST:  Each workshop is $150 and limited to 30 people.  Additional fees for travel may apply outside of the Providence, RI area. 

LOCATION: Wherever you are!  I've held workshops in homes, hotel rooms, yoga studios, classrooms - wherever you can arrange for privacy for the participants works for me. 

WHEN: Book your appointment below!  Easy pleasy! 

please note: all workshop participants MUST be 18 years of age or older.