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sex relationship workshop

June 27th: Squirting 101

How can I squirt? How do I know if I squirted? Is it pee? Discover what positions, toys and techniques help some people squirt, learn what science about squirt and how to manage a wet mess!

July 18th: All About G-Spots

Do I have one? Where is it? Why can’t my partner find it? Am I supposed to squirt? This AMA on G-spots will help you discover your orgasm diversity and offer tips for exploring your G-spot with toys, fingers and partners. 

August 1st: Fingering 101

Finesse your fingering skills in this livestream! Good finger sex is super hot. Get the facts on vulva anatomy and how to explore the sweet spots with your fingers and guide your partners there. You'll get tips on technique, communication and safety.

August 8th: Am I a Sex Addict?

Is sex addiction real? What is a healthy horniness? What if my partner wants less sex that I do? Tune into this stream to learn about how our desire for sex operates, what things add or take away from it and diverse libidos.