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April 18th: Be a Pussy Pleaser

Do you have a pussy, or like pleasing other pussies?  Every pussy is different, but if you have a variety of pleasure strategies in your toolbox, you’re bound to be able to make it purr.  Learn a variety of ways to give the pussy pleasure - to yourself or a lover

April 25th: Intensify Your Orgasm

Hooray!  You’ve found your orgasm!  Want to make it even stronger? Join Colby Marie Z to learn tips and tactics to intensify your pleasure from your big O. 

May 9th: All About G-Spots

Do I have one? Where is it? Why can’t my partner find it? Am I supposed to squirt? This AMA on G-spots will help you discover your orgasm diversity and offer tips for exploring your G-spot with toys, fingers and partners.

May 16th: My Mouth, Your Genitals

Oral sex is delicious. Bring your questions about oral sex technique, oral sex safety and how to increase your pleasure while you’re giving pleasure.

May 23rd: Skin to Skin Sexually Transmitted Infections

Do condoms protect us from all the things? When should I be using gloves? What are my chances of getting or giving an infection to someone through skin? Let’s talk about sexual health and bust myths around safety and who’s ‘clean.’