my fave products & brands

Below, find a helpful list of products and companies that I personally recommend.  Simply put -- the companies listed here are the shit.  The products are high quality, body-safe, and will give you the biggest, er, "bang?" for your buck.  Pinky promise! 

Sliquid Intimate Lubricants

Sliquid Lube

If you don't know how much I love lube yet, I'ma need you to get on my level.  Read up a little bit here, but please know that that single blog post does not - by any means - encapsulate my love for lube.  Therefore, I've given many brands the good 'ol college try.  And Sliquid holds my heart.  Quality ingredients, not sticky, and affordable price points.  While I personally REALLY love the Organic silk hybrid (and the pink lemonade flavored for oral play), they have a variety of options to suit whatever your needs or preferences.  Got questions about what lube might be best for you?  Holler at me here.  


We-Vibe Sync

Y'all, I had been hoping to get my paws on this little guy for awhile, and it did not disappoint.  I know it looks different than the sex toys you're used to seeing!  The Sync can be warn with the smaller little arm inside the vagina, while the larger arm vibrates on the clitoris and inside the labia.  Great news - you can still be penetrated while wearing it!  It has more versatility in use than that, but I've really enjoyed that sensation.  It provides often necessary(because most women need clitoral stim in order to reach orgasm) stimulation during PIV sex.  Admittedly pricey, but WORTH IT!



Ah, this wonderful sex product retailer is so incredibly amazing at providing and supporting education around sexuality.  As it says on their website, "SheVibe encourages you to Vibe Responsibly! We continue to strive to bring you the most detailed information about the products on our site. Sex is a healthy expression of life so make it fun and always play safe."  You can trust their products, friends.  


more coming soon!