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"Colby lays out the facts and sorts through the shenanigans for you because after all, average Sex Ed didn't cover nearly enough and you certainly can't believe everything you read. So quit googling your most pressing sexual questions and get straight to a professional. She's friendly, knowledgeable and your conversations are all completely in confidence and judgement-free... you won't be disappointed."

college sexuality lecture

TIME: Lectures are typically about 2 hours of informative and entertaining education, and always include time for Q&A.

COST:  Colby can come to your campus for a fee of $1,000 plus travel costs from the Providence, RI area.

college relationship lecture

ask the sexpert

This is THE most tailored, unique, personalized program that Colby offers.  Students are able to anonymously submit their own individual questions about sex, bodies, and relationships for Colby to answer in a group forum.  Participants are able to get factual, science-based answers to their most pressing and relevant challenges in an environment free from shame or stigma.  It's like, their own personal sexy Google - only with much more reliable answers!

beyond P in the V

One of Colby's personal favorites, this program highlights the variety and diversity of ways that students can engage in sexual connection beyond just penis-in-vagina sex.  This sex-positive approach encourages students to broaden their definition of sex to include behaviors that are less-risky in terms of STI/STD transmission and pregnancy.  It provides ways for students to increase their capacity for pleasure and exploration, maintain developmentally-integral social connection, while reducing their risk of negative health outcomes. 

pleasure anatomy

Disguised as a program focused on all the good sexy feels (and yes, we will talk about that!), this lecture thoroughly explains the often misunderstood anatomy and physiology of our genitals.  Additionally, the program focuses on body parts that are often forgotten - but are scientifically proven to ignite our arousal systems - when we think of "SEX"... such as the brain, and the skin, and other non-genital parts.  Exploring these parts can feel good, but can also reduce our risk of unwanted sexual consequences.  

all about birth control

There are SO many birth control methods out there - which is GREAT because we've got lots of options!  But, it an often be overwhelming to decipher between the benefits and drawbacks of each, how they actually work to prevent pregnancy, and what are some important considerations when deciding on a personal method.  During this program, Colby is able to shine some light on how pregnancy happens (and therefore how to prevent it from happening as well!), and can demonstrate and describe the most common methods students may be considering.  

safety can be sexy

During this program, students will learn how to sexily incorporate prevention and protection into their sexual scripts through dirty talk, by adding lube, and some sassy new strategies.  Students will not only feel encouraged to incorporate barrier methods and other risk-reduction strategies into their sexual repertoire, they'll also be able to increase good feels during sex.

trauma-informed sex ed

Designed specifically for professional and peer educators who are providing sex and relationship education on their campus, this program outlines specific and tangible strategies that can be used to increase the efficacy of education efforts for participants who have experienced trauma.