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"Colby met my anxieties and open mindedness with spunk and enthusiasm.  She embodied the halfway point between professional and friend, providing advice that was much greater than a friend might, but not as clinical as a therapist would. She exemplifies passion and in-depth knowledge about all things sex, love, and in between, and it shows in the way she treated me around something that was kind of both."

sex coaching
  • navigate relationship conflict and drama
  • stimulate sexual desire aka "sex drive"
  • finally end that draining, unsatisfying relationship
  • self-pleasure, baby! want to have all the orgasms they want, on their own time!
  • explore their own sexuality, including sexual orientation, gender identity, and relationship style
  • build sexual self-confidence
  • increase their sexual and relational communication skills
  • receive dating advice, focused on their personal and relationship goals
  • discover their orgasmic potential
  • learn how they can be a better partner, in and out of the bedroom
  • overcome shame, guilt, and fear surrounding their sexuality
  • there is so much more!  

TIME: Get 30 full minutes of my undivided attention!  We can meet just once or every single day for the rest of our lives.  OK, that might be a little bit dramatic, but you get the idea.

COST:  Single sessions are $60 for individuals or $80 for couples - totes affordable!  We'll maximize our time together and wrap up with an actionable plan for you.

LOCATION: Wherever you are!  We can connect via video chat, or in person if you can travel to RI.  If you're feeling particularly frisky, you can even pay for me to come to you.  Say what?!

WHEN: Book your appointment below!  Easy pleasy! 

please note: I am NOT a therapist (therapists are DOPE people who have tons of training that I do not have).  I focus on education.  If I see that therapy may be necessary slash helpful (spoiler alert, I ALWAYS think that therapy is helpful), I will do my best to link you up with a sex-positive therapist who is right for you.