sex and relationship workshops

"Colby lays out the facts and sorts through the shenanigans for you because after all, average Sex Ed didn't cover nearly enough and you certainly can't believe everything you read. So quit googling your most pressing sexual questions and get straight to a professional. She's friendly, knowledgeable and your conversations are all completely in confidence and judgement-free... you won't be disappointed."

sex relationship workshops

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I promise, safety can be sexy... let me show you how!  during this workshop, you'll learn how to sexily incorporate prevention and protection into your sexual script through dirty talk, by adding lube, and some sassy new strategies.  you'll increase those good feels, and minimize those nervous/anxious feels!

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let me teach you my top 3 tips for an unbeatable blowjob - that have nothing to do with technique! (don't worry, we'll talk - and maybe even practice! - some technique, too).  you'll learn the pleasure anatomy of the penis, ways to excite it, and methods for keeping your head (pun intended!) in the game.

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let's talk cunnilingus!  vulvas and vaginas are dynamic - although often misunderstood - creatures.  I'll shed light on some of the mystery!  we'll talk about tips and toys that typically turn on vulvas, and explore ways to stimulate all the holes (yes, there's more than the one!) down there.  

anal sex workshop

curious about anal play but just don't know where to start?  known as "the great equalizer" (we've all got one!), the booty has lots of potential for sexual pleasure and exploration, but needs to be done safely.  learn how to ease your way in (sorry!  couldn't help myself!)

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libido, desire, arousal, sex drive... why do we feel like sometimes they are revved ALL THE WAY UP and yet other times we can barely get our engines started.  this workshop specifically focuses on the female experience of desire, and how to get more control over our sexual inhibition and excitation systems.  

sex toy workshop

want to spice up your sexytime repertoire (either solo or partnered) by integrating toys?  walking into a sex shop can be intimidating, so let me bring some of the most commonly used bedroom toys to YOU, so you can touch, feel, buzz, and play to learn about the types of toys that are available and how to play safely.


TIME: Workshops are about 90 minutes in length and include time for icebreakers, instruction, Q&A and activities designed to help participants learn.

COST:  Each workshop is $150 and limited to 30 people.  Additional fees for travel may apply outside of the Providence, RI area. 

LOCATION: Wherever you are!  I've held workshops in homes, hotel rooms, yoga studios, classrooms - wherever you can arrange for privacy for the participants works for me. 

WHEN: Book your appointment below!  Easy pleasy! 

please note: all workshop participants MUST be 18 years of age or older.