things to consider when proposing

things to consider when proposing

ring finger where the rock is 

You guys.  I have been terribly MIA in the blogosphere.  The truth is, this time of year always gets a little crazy for me.  The boo and I always throw a raging party for the Super Bowl (did you catch any of the shenanigans on Snapchat?) and this year we took a football fan's (me!  over here! ✋) vacation of a lifetime by going to the Pro Bowl (aka the NFL's all-star game) in Disney (eeeeeek!!!) the week before.  It was like all of my favoritest things collided into one week-plus long celebration.  Oh, and did I mention the boo proposed during said already-perfect-but-now-more-perfect vacay?  So, yea, I've been a little distracted.... in the best way possible.

As you can imagine, the whole idea of proposals and engagements and marriage and weddings etc. etc. etc. is something I had given a lot of thought well before this trip.  How does one know they want to marry someone?  What conversations should happen before that decision is made?  What is most important for a "successful" marriage?  (I put successful in quotes because success could be very subjective and relative to any given relationship)

One of our fave couple-friends was visiting a few weekends ago (for aforementioned epic Super Bowl bash - people literally travel from other states to come because it's so hype!) and we got into a convo about proposals, relationships, and marriage.  And lucky for you all, we recorded it.  I won't pretend that the audio is top-notch quality, but if you ask me, it's still pretty entertaining.  At least to us.  So, maybe we're just dopes that are only funny to each other.  

You may recognize one of the voices if you've been fortunate enough to check out either of the Facebook Live events we've held (one was a Q&A, another was centered around New Year's Sexolutions, and our most recent covered Pleasure Anatomy).  

what makes you nervous about proposing?

"making it memorable"

how could someone propose and get a "no"?

(p.s. more info on the triangular theory of love)

do people look toward pop culture to dictate their relationship?

(reference to this blog post about awesome sauce #wcw Esther Perel in this clip)

learning from the OG's 

(my baby dropping knowledge bombs, homies #swoon 😍😍😍) 

has marriage changed anything for you, OGs?

(I referred to this blog post on selfishness in this clip)


Keep in mind that this conversation was completely off the cuff, at about midnight on a Saturday night after a few dark & stormy's (stormies?).  But we are def looking for folks to provide some insight into the whole proposal topic.  SO, if you...

  • have ever proposed to someone without knowing 💯 that they would say yes
  • have proposed and the person you asked said "no"
  • had someone propose to you and said "no"

GET IN TOUCH WITH US.  If you know someone else who fits the bill, TELL THEM TO GET IN TOUCH WITH US.  Curious minds want to know!  

How do you feel about our first foray into the audio game?  If we were to package convos like this (as well as interviews, etc.) into a podcast-like format, would you listen?  If so, what are some topics you'd want us to tackle?  (Don't worry, we've already got some ideas in mind)

Thanks, lovebugs,

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