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Unless you've been living under a very big, extremely heavy rock, you've probably noticed that lots of folks are having some feels about the recent presidential election.  One of the reasons  people are reacting so strongly is that president-elect Trump has promised to repeal the Affordable Care Act.  Under the ACA, women are entitled to effective birth control for no out-of-pocket cost, thereby increasing access to contraception for millions of peeps.  Further, Trump has spoken out about defunding Planned Parenthood, which offers free or low-cost contraception for millions of women.  These two factors are making the future landscape of family planning extremely uncertain for many women - and men and families for that matter.  Increased access to contraception means more prevention of unintended pregnancy, which subsequently leads to (1) lower rates of abortion and (2) less unplanned or unwanted births - which both cost the economy/taxpayers significantly more than prevention efforts.  In fact, according to NARAL (National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League) for every $1 invested in contraception, taxpayers save $6 on costs related to unintended pregnancy.  HUGE savings!   

Aaaaaanywho, given the current political climate, and the season of gratitude, it seemed like an ideal time to give thanks to my #1 homie, birth control.

Even though I'd love to take credit for this idea on my own (and trust, I've been thankful to birth control for YEARS!  see proof below), the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy launched the #thxbirthcontrol social media campaign.  Thousands and thousands of women professed their undying love for contraception by socially proclaiming its positive impacts on their life, success, and health.  

  • Women demonstrated gratitude for having control over their health and their body, not to mention being able to decide if and when they have children
  • Women were grateful for birth control for being able to prioritize their career, education, and financial stability before starting a family
  • Some health benefits of birth control that women are thankful for include regulating periods, preventing cancer, preventing abortion, 

So this Thanksgiving season, like all others before it, and every single second, minute, hour and day of my life, I am eternally thankful for you, birth control.  You have allowed me to spend approximately 15 years as a college student (insert eye roll here); chase my passions and dreams full-time; occasionally cry over my financial instability but at least it only effects me and not any offspring; really appreciate my friends' dear adorable children but be able to go home to a peaceful and quiet home; permitted me to spend Sundays sleeping in and watching football rather than schlepping kids to soccer games, cub scouts, and dance rehearsal; and I would say thank you for allowing me to sporadically spend the night on a friend's couch because I've drank too much tequila, but unfort dog ownership doesn't allow that either.  But for now, the fur babe is enough.  So thanks, birth control <3

Tell me tell me tell me!  Why are you thankful for birth control???

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