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I send nakes to my bestie and my sister - is that weird?

A couple weeks ago, I was at the salon getting my hair cut & colored with my mom.  We were the only ones in the salon, and our stylist is a long-time friend of ours (and also AMAZING at what she does - shoutout to Al!!!).  I was all done, and Mommabear was still getting her nails did.  I had my laptop out getting some work done, and got a topless iMessage from my bff.  "Do either of you care if I whip my nip out to take a pic real quick?" I asked.  Because that's a normal question, right?

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making a kickass tinder profile for my newly single sister

I miss Tinder.  That sounds wild, right?  Like here I am all privileged and in love and happily coupled and shit, missing an online dating app that has a reputation of being, "just for hook ups."  

But there was something so fun, breezy, and yes - even superficial - about being able to yay or nay a potential date based on such a limited amount of info: a few pics and a few lines of text.  When I was at my online dating peak, I was SO OVER filling out lengthy questionnaires, toiling over multiple profile fields (and then constantly re-thinking, over-analyzing and revising said profiles), and shuffling through messages, pokes, likes, winks, etc.  If I say I'm only looking for "something casual" does that make me sound slutty?  But if I say I want something long-term, am I clingy?

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