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pros & cons of porn

I'm gonna go ahead and say we live in a world where it is freaking impossible to avoid pornography.  When I was a wee little youngster, my curiosity made it tough to avoid (what was on those magazines covered with black plastic at 7-Eleven?  What was behind the curtain in that secret room at the video store?), but the internet was still nonexistent.  The most hardcore pornography I was exposed to before my teenage years was a few dirty mags one of my grade school friends snuck away from her dad that we peered at in complete disgust during our bus ride to school (I was SO CONFUSED about why girls were putting PENISES in their mouths like lollipops!  If you attended last week's Hump Day Q&A, you know that this traumatized me for YEARS), when my bestie and I would mute late night Cinemax and choke back giggles during sleepovers, and when I snuck snippets of "Dirty Dancing" and "Waiting to Exhale" that were hidden in my mom's dresser when I was home alone (yup, Patrick Swayze's sexual hips were apparently too hot for my young eyes).  

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what lesbians can teach straight people about sex

I was recently chatting with a group of girlfriends, when one of them said something that really got my gears turning.  I don't even remember what exactly it was we were discussing, but amid the conversation she mentioned that her and her girlfriend, "have sex every day" and continued on.  The other girls continued to talk, but I had checked out of their conversation and checked in to my own thoughts (a little secret about me, my brain can only handle small chunks of information, so once it started down a path of contemplation, it was impossible to continue to absorb anything else).  

Not because of the every day frequency of their sex.

But because she called what they did "SEX"

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considering an IUD?

In the aftermath of the recent election, and the potential repeal of the Affordable Care Act, many women are considering long-acting reversible contraception options (or, LARCs for short).  By taking advantage of one of these options in the next couple of months, their pregnancy preventing effects will last years after a loss of health insurance or decreased insurance coverage.  The most common LARC is the IUD, or intrauterine device (also sometimes known as an IUC or intrauterine contraceptive).  In my experience as a sex educator, IUDs are often misunderstood, so I thought it would be helpful to provide some easy-to-understand information about this EXTREMELY effective birth control option.  

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