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fertility, pregnancy, conception...oh my!

I'm at the age where pregnancy is starting to feel borderline contagious... several of my favorite "inner circle" ladies are popping out adorable little nuggets of joy, baby showers are a typical weekend activity, and "Auntie Colby" has become one of my identities.  

Someone is always pregnant, LOL!

And with that, I feel like I am often surrounded by "pregnancy talk" -- gender reveals, fertility tracking apps, ovulation, due dates, and birthing plans are all hot topics of conversation in my world.  

For the most part, it's a happy time for my homies.  Joyful conversations full of hope and excitement.  

Less talked about, however -- although also incredibly present -- are friends (and friends of friends) who have or are currently struggling with what I like to call FERTILITY FRUSTRATION... difficulty conceiving, miscarriage, ovulation obsession, etc.  


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beginner's guide: lube

I'm not shy about it - I am a lube fanatic.  It makes me so sad to think that the majority of sexually active (and note, by sexually active I do NOT mean only people that are having penis-in-vagina sex, because sex is WAY more than that) folks have never purchased or even picked up a bottle of this magical substance.  

Sex lube (otherwise known as "personal lubricant" - gosh people, get a fucking grip) is - are you ready for this - THE single easiest way to enhance your sex life.  (partnered OR solo)  Period.  

One of the most significant reasons why sex lube is magical is that it simultaneously enhances sexual pleasure AND increases sexual safety.  That's right, people, we aren't talking about choosing BETWEEN safety and satisfaction, like most of the sex-negative messages you've probably heard over the course of your life.  We are doing BOTH, at the same damn time.  Can I get an AMEN?!

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sex, love, and all the thankful feels

Unless you've been living under a very big, extremely heavy rock, you've probably noticed that lots of folks are having some feels about the recent presidential election.  one of the reasons why people are reacting with fear and uncertainty is president-elect Trump's promise to repeal the Affordable Care Act.  Under the ACA, women were entitled to effective birth control for no out-of-pocket cost, thereby increasing access to contraception for millions of American women.  Further, Trump has spoken out about defunding Planned Parenthood, which offers free or low-cost contraception for millions of women.  These two factors are making the future landscape of family planning extremely uncertain for many women - and men for that matter.  Increased access to contraception means more prevention of unintended pregnancy, which therefore leads to (1) lower rates of abortion and (2) less unplanned or unwanted births - which both cost the economy/taxpayers significantly more than prevention.  In fact, according to NARAL (National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League) for every $1 invested in contraception, taxpayers save $6 on costs related to unintended pregnancy.   

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considering an IUD?

In the aftermath of the recent election, and the potential repeal of the Affordable Care Act, many women are considering long-acting reversible contraception options (or, LARCs for short).  By taking advantage of one of these options in the next couple of months, their pregnancy preventing effects will last years after a loss of health insurance or decreased insurance coverage.  The most common LARC is the IUD, or intrauterine device (also sometimes known as an IUC or intrauterine contraceptive).  In my experience as a sex educator, IUDs are often misunderstood, so I thought it would be helpful to provide some easy-to-understand information about this EXTREMELY effective birth control option.  

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