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I wanna talk about your BIGGEST sex organ...

Often when we think about sexual touch, our minds beeline straight for the genitals.

We think about hand jobs and finger-fucking, rubbing clits and juggling balls, maybe even tickling taints or sticking a sweet little lubed up finger inside of a juicy butthole.  

But, my friends, when we limit our sexual touch to just our naughty bits (duh, I say that felicitously - our genitals are NOT naughty.... unless you want them to be 😉), we are missing out on a whole 'nother range of pleasurable feels!

In fact, our BIGGEST sexual organ is actually our skin!  

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sex dust: witchcraft for basic bitches

As the crunchy naturopath hippie that I am, just about all of the Moon Juice "Dust" collection has been strategically product placed in my sponsored Instagram feed and Facebook banner ads for several months.  To no surprise of yours, I'm sure, the Sex Dust immediately piqued my interest.  Naturally, as a sex blogger, I felt as though it was my moral duty to give a product called "Sex Dust" a whirl (also, it sounded like a fine way to write off the $40 for a measly 1.5 oz jar). 

Sex Dust claims that it will, "ignite and excite your sexual energy" as well as making, and I quote, "all the right places" a little extra sensitive.  Man, I can't wait til the day when everyone can just refer to the genitals like adults instead of using vague allusions.  Aaaanywho...

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how to identify your love style

One of my favoritest things to do is analyze relationships.  (Like, duh, right?  Why else would I have this job?)   But not in a super judgmental way.  Not in a way where I'm like picking apart other couples' dynamics to criticize.  Just the opposite, actually.  In the work that I do, in order to help individuals or couples through coaching, I need to be able to understand their relationship as comprehensively as possible, with limited interaction.  Because I'm not living in the relationship experience the same way members of a couple are, right?  I'm not there every day and every night, through every celebration and every conflict, through the daily mundane and the extraordinarily special moments like they are.  I need to be able to intake limited information, interpret it through a professional lens, and translate that interpretation back to my client in helpful and actionable ways. 

One of my all-time gold star, go-to, reliable and helpful AF frameworks to help me understand a relationship is Robert Sternberg's Triangular Theory of Love.  It's one of those "theories" that just ALWAYS.  MAKES.  SENSE to me.  It's so real!  Want me to prove it?  Let me explain, and then I'm 100% positive you'll be able to see how it applies to your own romantic relationships...

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#wcw Helen Fisher

I first learned of anthropologist Helen Fisher's work during my Biological Foundations of Human Sexuality class in grad school.  To be completely honest, I assumed the entirety of the class would focus on the physiological functions related to sexuality - such as reproduction and arousal/orgasm.  I found myself being fascinated with the extensive research Fisher had done that attributed feelings of attraction, love, attachment and bonding to NEUROSCIENCE.  Read on, I promise it is super cool...

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