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beginner's guide: lube

I'm not shy about it - I am a lube fanatic.  It makes me so sad to think that the majority of sexually active (and note, by sexually active I do NOT mean only people that are having penis-in-vagina sex, because sex is WAY more than that) folks have never purchased or even picked up a bottle of this magical substance.  

Sex lube (otherwise known as "personal lubricant" - gosh people, get a fucking grip) is - are you ready for this - THE single easiest way to enhance your sex life.  (partnered OR solo)  Period.  

One of the most significant reasons why sex lube is magical is that it simultaneously enhances sexual pleasure AND increases sexual safety.  That's right, people, we aren't talking about choosing BETWEEN safety and satisfaction, like most of the sex-negative messages you've probably heard over the course of your life.  We are doing BOTH, at the same damn time.  Can I get an AMEN?!

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what lesbians can teach straight people about sex

I was recently chatting with a group of girlfriends, when one of them said something that really got my gears turning.  I don't even remember what exactly it was we were discussing, but amid the conversation she mentioned that her and her girlfriend, "have sex every day" and continued on.  The other girls continued to talk, but I had checked out of their conversation and checked in to my own thoughts (a little secret about me, my brain can only handle small chunks of information, so once it started down a path of contemplation, it was impossible to continue to absorb anything else).  

Not because of the every day frequency of their sex.

But because she called what they did "SEX"

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#askthesexpert: all about buttplugs

Ah!  Great question!

There's a lot of "taboo" surrounding inserting something into the anus for pleasure.  And I get it - that body part is often thought of as dirty, germ-y and smelly.

But alas!  That area of the body is ALSO home to lots and lots of nerve endings that are connected to our genitals - areas that are associated with pleasure!  Quoting one of my favorite sex books, "The Guide to Getting it On" by Paul Joannides:

"You'll be hard-pressed to find a part of the body that has more nerve endings than the anus.  Some women have their strongest orgasms when anal stimulation is part of the mix.  And some men find a finger on the prostate to be a welcome sensation."
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