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#wcw Helen Fisher

I first learned of anthropologist Helen Fisher's work during my Biological Foundations of Human Sexuality class in grad school.  To be completely honest, I assumed the entirety of the class would focus on the physiological functions related to sexuality - such as reproduction and arousal/orgasm.  I found myself being fascinated with the extensive research Fisher had done that attributed feelings of attraction, love, attachment and bonding to NEUROSCIENCE.  Read on, I promise it is super cool...

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#wcw Esther Perel

I first became entranced with Esther Perel after watching her TED Talk (anyone else absolutely obsessed with TED Talks?  I can't watch enough of them) entitled "Rethinking Infidelity."  Her bold identification (and yes, in our society this identification is bold as hell, completely swimming against the tide of conventional morals) of infidelity as NOT relationship kryptonite was simultaneously incredibly practical, yet refreshingly innovative.  

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#wcw Amber Rose


I have to be honest with all of you.  I was way late jumping on the Amber Rose train.  My bestie has been #teamMUVA for eons, and I should have listened to her sooner.  Because I'm pretty sure Amber might be my spirit animal - only braver (and balder) than I'll ever be. 

I first started obsessing over Amber when her talk show "The Amber Rose Show" aired.  I'd gotten wind that she was giving sex and relationship advice (which is clearly one of my fave things to do), soI had to check it out for myself.  

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