I send nakes to my bestie and my sister - is that weird?

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A couple weeks ago, I was at the salon getting my hair cut & colored with my mom.  We were the only ones in the salon, and our stylist is a long-time friend of ours (and also AMAZING at what she does - shoutout to Al!!!).  I was all done, and Mommabear was still getting her nails did.  I had my laptop out getting some work done, and got a topless iMessage from my bff.  "Do either of you care if I whip my nip out to take a pic real quick?" I asked.  Because that's a normal question, right?


I've sent far more pics of my butt, boobs and cooter to my best friend than I've ever sent to my bf.  In fact, it's probably a daily-ish occurrence.  It doesn't happen as often with my sisterkins, but it isn't completely out of the question for me to send a completely unsolicited and uncaptioned shot of my newly shorn vag to her after a fresh wax.  I'd say I'm mostly motivated by comedic purposes and shock value.  Because really, what's funnier than waking up to an unexpected snapshot of my bare, white ass?   

Nothing.  That's what.

But my sister recently forwarded me this AWESOME article from my favorite guilty pleasure, Cosmo.  It's titled "Why You Need to Start a Sexting Group With Your Best Friends TODAY," and is so intelligently and articulately written (I've since started following the author, Nora Mcinerny Purmort - she is a smart and witty-as-hell writer).  She asserts that sending seductive pics to your girlfriends is about "...finding the time to love and admire yourself, and helping the people you love do the same."  

My real life, actual, GORGEOUS bestie, who obvi gave me permission to use this photo : )

My real life, actual, GORGEOUS bestie, who obvi gave me permission to use this photo : )

It reminded me of my sister's bachelorette party.  It was a rainy weekend in early May, spent in Newport, RI where I was living at the time (for anyone reading this from a distance, Newport is seriously one of my favorite places on this earth, and the two years I spent living by the beach there were some of my happiest).  Four girls, in leggings and messy buns, in a dive bar in the early afternoon, on our 6th or 7th bottle of champagne.  For some reason, we started sharing nudes to each other in a group chat. 

"Omigosh That pose is so sexual!"

"Your ass looks HOT!"

"Girl!!  LOOK at you!!"

Not a single critique.  Not a single negative comment.  Not even an ounce of insincerity.  Just smiles, giggles, and heartfelt admiration.  I would bet that we all left that bar feeling like a million fucking bucks.  And you know what?  The same thing happens every time I send AND receive a nake from my friends.  Even if it's being sent as a self-deprecating joke, I can't help but notice how STUNNING the sender is.  And when I send my own without a filter, when I first wake up, unedited, feeling bloated and freckled and less-than-camera-ready (per below), the response is always a compliment.  Always.  


So I agree with Nora - sext the shit out of your girlfriends.  They'll have you feelin' yourself in no time.

Am I alone in this or are there others of you out there that send racy pics to their friends?  If you've never done it, I challenge you to try it at least once.  Mayyyyyybe talk about it first rather than send a full frontal without warning like I do, haha.  Happy sexting, lovebugs!

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