"sexolutions" Facebook Live


I'm sick wit dis, straight gangsta mack, but sometimes I get ridiculous

....and ridiculous we definitely got.  if you weren't able to join us live and in full effect last weekend, you can catch up on all the ridiculousness right here.

During the event, we announced a BIG SL&ATF #30daysexchallenge.  Sayyyyyyy whaaaaaaaaa????!!!!!  We wanted to give you guys all a reason to MAKE TIME FOR SEX - whether it's with yourself or someone (or someoneSSS) else.  If this is the first you're hearing about the challenge, you can totally still jump in on the action right here.  

And SAVE THE DATE!  Our next Facebook Live event will be on Sunday, February 12th.  We will be gearing up for the grand finale of the #30daysexchallenge AND for February 14th (aka Valentine's Day AND/OR Single's Awareness Day) but talking about pleasure anatomy - all about the what and how we make our sexy parts feel oh so good.  

What else would you all like to see during an upcoming Facebook Live?  More Q&A?  Monthly themes??? 

Colby Zongol

PS. I'll be taking a bit of a vacay over the next week (GOING TO THE PRO BOWL BABY, WOO!), so please bear with me if I take some time to respond to your comments or emails.  I will, however, be losing my mind on Snapchat, so follow along there if you want to come with! 

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