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There are SO many reasons why trying something sexually new to you can be of great benefit to your sex life - whether it's with a single partner, multiple partners, or your most reliable, skilled and good looking sex partner - your damn self!

  • Trying something new with yourself can help you to learn about your body and your pleasure.  you may find you give yourself the most incredible orgasm you've ever had!
  • Learning more about your own body can make you more capable of communicating to others how to provide you with pleasure
  • It's about having tools in your toolbox!  Whether it's for yourself or with a lover, having more tools (aka stimulation strategies) gives you more options. The quick jerk technique not working for you today?  If that's ALL you know, you may be out of luck.  BUT, if you know the swirl technique too, that may be the key to today's climax!
  • More confidence - if you have a variety of strategies to provide pleasure, you are more likely to be sexually confident, capable and confident
  • Novelty!  The idea of experiencing something new with a lover (remember when we talked about adventures during our last Facebook Live?) can increase feelings of closeness and intimacy
  • SO MANY PEEPS complain that sex with a partner - particularly a long term one - can get boring and routine, which can lead to a decrease in desire.  Making it normal to "try new things" during your sexytime can help maintain interest in your sex life

So now that you're convinced, here are just a few (trust me, there are SO many more) ideas on ways to try something new in your sex life this week:

- Focus on a new body part!  Always do P in V sex?  Try to have sex with a partner without ANY penetration!  Do you always masturbate by stimulating your clitoris?  Show some love to your nipples or anus instead!
- Mix up your routine: Always do it in the same place?  Or only at night?  Always quick?  Never without a shower first?  DON'T DO THAT!  Get it on in a different room, at a different time, in a different way, with different preparation
- Use props: This can be toys, straps, oils, lubes, costumes, food (NOT in your hooha or booty, please!), restraints, lotions, vibes, plugs, lingerie, etc. etc. etc.
- Something you always wanted to try: Want to try to squirt?  Or a little role play?  Curious about anal but too nervous to bring it up to your boo?  This challenge is a perfect excuse ("but babe, the SL&ATF #30daysexchallenge says you should put it in my butt!").  I promise to back you up!

(PS if you would like tailored, completely personal advice on how to spice things up for you, or already have something you want to try but want to know how to do it safely and strategically, I can help)

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