my 9 minute relationship hack

Want to start your day off feeling loved, cozy, and close to your boo?

Try my snuggle snooze trick!

Yes, yes, I know it's not necessarily recommended to hit the snooze button first thing in the morning when you want to feel alert and rejuvenated in the A.M.  But I've been practicing this relatively simple, not wildly time consuming routine for some time now, and honestly feel a difference in the way my day begins.

And y'all, I am NOT a morning person.  I've definitely gotten better at it, but it's taken practice.  And dedication.  And really being aware of tips and tactics that help -- like this one.

9 minute relationship hack

I always set my alarm for 9 minutes earlier than I need to get up, so that I can get in one solid snooze before I actually have to get out of bed with enough time not be be cursing myself on the way our the door.  I'm sure this part isn't rocket science to you.  Part of being a responsible adult is giving yourself some room for error, amirite?  

But more recently, I've committed that snooze time to nine whole minutes of intentional, dedicated, hard core cuddle time.  

After the first alarm goes off, I get out of bed to shut it off (another trick that has helped me in the morning - I HAVE TO get out of my warm, comfy, cloud-like bed in order to shut it off), and then head back under the covers, wrap my arms around the big warm body of my boo (if he's got a shirt on, I make sure to get my arms underneath it!), scoot in as close as possible, and cozy the fuck up.  

It's literally my favorite nine minutes of the day.

Not only am I warm - and I LOVE to be all warm - and unbelievably comfortable, but because I've intentionally dedicated these moments to a snuggs sesh, I don't feel rushed to end it or anxious about it making me late.  I've planned for it.

relationship hack

Aaaaaaand, the physiological and emotional effects of spending my first waking moments skin-to-skin with my lover set the tone for the entire rest of the day.  The act of cuddling has shown to increase the hormones that make us feel happy, bonded, and relaxed.  TOTES how I want to start my morning.  

The consistency of it helps my psyche too.  Since it's something that happens every single morning with few exceptions, I always know I am less than 24 hours away from some cuddle action, and that feeling is - for me at least - incredibly comforting.  Having a bad day?  Less than 24 hours from a cuddle sesh.  Feeling sad?  Less than 24 hours from a cuddle sesh.  Cranky as fuck?  Less than 24 hours away from a cuddle sesh.  It's a great grounder.  

While I realize this is not necessarily rocket science over here, it's a small gesture that has had a real positive effect on not only my relationship, but my overall happiness.  Since one of my dominant love languages is physical touch, it may be more true for me than for others, but giving it a whirl couldn't hurt.  And real talk - I'm not even sure the boo knows I do it! 😂😂  It was a real game changer for me, you guys.  What do you think?

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