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peep baby boy's style, hopin' we match

I miss Tinder.  That sounds wild, right?  Like here I am all privileged and in love and happily coupled and shit, missing an online dating app that has a reputation of being, "just for hook ups."  

But there was something so fun, breezy, and yes - even superficial - about being able to yay or nay a potential date based on such a limited amount of info: a few pics and a few lines of text.  When I was at my online dating peak, I was SO OVER filling out lengthy questionnaires, toiling over multiple profile fields (and then constantly re-thinking, over-analyzing and revising said profiles), and shuffling through messages, pokes, likes, winks, etc.  If I say I'm only looking for "something casual" does that make me sound slutty?  But if I say I want something long-term, am I clingy?  

It was TOO.  MUCH.  

So when Tinder came along I was like, BINGO!  I can throw up a couple pics (it's probably a blessing in disguise FaceTune wasn't a thing when I was a Tinderer because I'm sure I would've over-filtered the shit out of some selfies), add some Nicki Minaj lyric that spoke to my soul, and done!  If we match, let's meet for a bev and see if there's a connection.  Easy pleasy. 

tinder profile

So when my recently single sister asked for my help in creating her Tinder profile, I was giddy at the idea of living vicariously through her Tinder adventures.  Her motivation to use Tinder versus other online dating platforms was the same casual, noncommittal notion that drew me to the app years ago.  

"I want to find a guy who's cute to grab drinks w bye"

Without boring you with all of the details of our profile creating process, I will tell you that it took about two days, 3 bottles of rosé, and a little internet research/inspo to create something that both of us felt good about.  

tinder profile

Choosing the right pics was a chore in itself!  Too many filtered selfies might make her seem high maintenance.  Too many pics with her current (and fucking fabulous) pastel hair might make her seem too edgy (and while she is quite a badass, she is also endearingly basic - love you sister!! xo).  We HAD to show off some of her tats because they're gorg.  A healthy balance of solo pics versus group shots.  A mix of her when she's "done up" and au naturel.  What do we want the pictures to SAY to the swiper?  We want the overall impression of her profile to be authentic - how do we convey via photos that she's fun, spunky, a little raunchy, easy-going, aggressive and beautiful? (aka the dopest chick in the game)  And what ORDER do we put the pics in?  Not too many selfies in a row!  

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Moral of the story is that this was no easy chore.  And I'm sure, SURE, that she has made some revisions since our profile development sister date based on the responses she's gotten.  

I KNOW some of you have had your own "Tinder adventures."  What do you all think about when you create your profiles?  Any advice for my sisterkins? 

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PS Isn't my sister a hottie tottie?  PPS she's single!  PPPS she knows all the lyrics to "Hey Ma" by Cam'ron ----> you can follow this little bombshell on Insta @anna_eliz

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