how better sex can improve your quality of life

how better sex can improve your quality of life

how better sex can improve your quality of life

This infamous and wise Marvin Gaye one said (slash crooned):

"And when I get that feeling, I want sexual healing.
Sexual healing, aw baby!  Makes me feel so fine, helps to relieve my mind.
Sexual healing baby, is good. for. me.  Sexual healing is something that's good for me."

And y'all, he was SPOT on!

There are so many documented, scientifically-researched and proven ways that having a rich, active, truly fulfilling sex life can positively impact physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing.  Scroll through this handy dandy infographic for a peek at just SOME of the benefits of a satisfying sex life!

benefits of sex

I don't know about you guys, but I read all these positive outcomes and like, picture myself living my best life - waking up refreshed every morning with a youthful glow, going about my day feeling relaxed and loved, experiencing focus in my work and productive and functional - and I find myself stupidly smiling.


And to be honest, this is kind of why I started studying sexuality!  

I understood early on what a significant impact having a healthy and rich sex life could have on my OVERALL life.  It's not just a luxury.  Not even "just" important - it's essential.  

Which brings me in to why I started doing this work - sharing my knowledge with others.  

It's because I don't just want all of these things for me.  I want all of these things for YOU, too!  

My [6 Weeks to Your Most Satisfying Sex Life] eCourse is the package I developed to get you all of these things - connected and intimate relationships, thriving self-confidence, less time feeling stressed and anxious and more time feeling joy and pleasure and what I like to call the happy feels!  

Can you do me a favor real quick?  I want you to close your eyes.  (Wait - then you won't be able to keep reading.  Well, shit. This works better in person.  Well, how about you read this first and then go back and close your eyes and do it?)  

I want you to take a few moments to picture - really visualize - you having your IDEAL, like DREAM sex life.  Realistically!  Not like fairy tale sex life where like you never have to go to work again and you've somehow bagged Bradley Cooper - but what you're real actual life would look like if you were having the sex that you most enjoy.  

  • what activities are you partaking in?
  • how does the sex make you feel?
  • how often are you experiencing pleasure?
  • what type of pleasure are you experiencing?
  • what are some of the benefits of having this type of sex life pouring over into other aspects of your life?
  • how would your life change?

Tell me in the comments what that life looks like for you.  And also tell me what's holding you back from having it?

colby zongol